Fuddruckers Appreciates Bahrain’s Efforts in Tackling the Pandemic

15 April 2020, Riffa, Kingdom of Bahrain: As the world battles the COVID-19 pandemic, the government offices in Bahrain are working round the clock reaching out to every resident in Bahrain to provide assistance and help them overcome this difficult situation. 

Food Vest Holding who owns the brands Caribou Coffee Bahrain and Fuddruckers expressed their appreciation for the efforts of #teambahrain in keeping the country safe.

According to Mateo Ramos, the General Manager of Food Vest Holding, “It is a trying time for all of us. Everyone is affected by this pandemic – from governments, businesses, employees, students and the general public. Despite this difficult situation, it paved the way for people to work together and unite. As a business we are also affected, but in our own little way Caribou Coffee and Fuddruckers through Education Plus would like to pay tribute to the Supreme Council for Women for their tireless efforts in helping the Bahraini families through their “Together for Bahrain’s Safety” campaign.” We hope that with this little gesture, we can give them some sort of motivation to continue their inspiring efforts in helping the community.”

The Director of Administrative and Media Affairs of the Supreme Council for Women, Mr Ezzedine Khalil Al-Moayad said, “We would like to thank Food Vest for supporting us and for their appreciation of the work that we do. It is a good encouragement for us and our volunteers.”

Mateo added, “Our shops and restaurants remain in operations via pickup and delivery. We are strictly following the sanitization guidelines set by the Ministry of Health and are ready to take every precaution necessary in order to keep our guests, and our employees safe. We want you all to know that your health and safety are our highest priority.”

As with any other restaurants who are reaching out at a time when things can’t be much worse for them, these two brands are giving their share too. They understand that they are able to provide some comfort, and they are finding ways to do it.

Starting this week, Caribou Coffee and Fuddruckers are also scheduled to donate more than 1,000 food packs and goods as a form of support to the community. One through KHK Heroes for migrant workers who are gravely affected by this pandemic. They will also distribute free coffee and meals to the medical frontliners handling COVID 19 patients who are risking their lives to save others.

We all have a responsibility to help each other and work with the Bahrain government’s efforts in tackling this issue. We are all in it together.